Virtuous Waste

Throwing out plastic waste, for good.


Exploring innovative ways to tackle the challenge, "How might we find value in waste?"



Amirah Mahomed (CEO) - Laura Kraehling (COO) - Cindy Le (Design Lead) - 

Sylvia Bogdanowicz (CMO) - Kristen Fajardo (Communication Lead)

12 months and counting


the problem

.Millions of tons of plastic. are added to the earth's oceans every year depleting it's biodiversity. There is .no affordable option. for all income level households to take an active stance to support the earth. .Single-use plastic is too convenient, enabling businesses people to harm the earth.


The solution

​An alternative bioplastic made out of seaweed that is just as convenient, durable and cost-effective as normal plastic. This bioplastic is not only biodegradable and water-soluble but supports cleaning the environment. With no change in habits, people will be supporting the health of the earth.


The Process



The research was key to understand the problem. Our team leveraged the resources World Vision to conduct user research interviews with households in the communities we were focused on. We also took it upon ourselves to understand the Filippino economy and culture to understand what solution would best fit into their lives. What was highlighted was that people want to make a change, it is hard to break habits. 



Given our main take away when ideating we wanted to create a solution that would not alter people's habits, but change a small aspect that they wouldn’t notice. We believe that people should still be able to go about their day but be actively support the environment. The solution to adapt this habit was found amongst an abundant amount of seaweed.



Given that our solution is an alternative bioplastic made out of seaweed that is biodegradable, water-soluble, we needed to test out what materials would best create a convenient, durable and cost-effective product just as normal plastic. Bioplastic is primarily constructed of a biopolymer and a plasticizer, and through our testing, we have explored a variety of options to land on our version of bioplastic.



As we narrow in on our version of our bioplastic, we have also begun to test the quality, durability, and overall appeal of our packaging to the consumer market. As we learn from our testing we continue to evolve and improve our plastic. 


the outcome

Our team was short-listed to .top 5 across Canada,. with over 50 submissions. After months of development, we pitched our solution and business. .We won. first place .receiving 25k in funding. and 12 months to incubate our business.

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