When getting inspiration and understanding of what the cover should look like I made sure to do proper research in three different ways. 


  1. One-on-One conversation over coffee to understand the band's goals, energy and music style. 

  2. Dived into their social media, music, website to see how they have branded and connected to their followers.

  3. Attended their concerts to see how they perform and interact with their audience. 


iteration 1

I pulled together some of their inspiration and meaning of their song into a first draft. I wanted to show the lioness as the focal point, but add the flowers to show her strength and femininity, and a nod to the band's culture. Using procreate and illustrator, I developed the initial design to be sent off to get initial feedback.


iteration 2

Based on the feedback the band wanted the Lioness to look more fierce as if she was ready to go hunt. With this additional information, I took a step back and re-evaluated what made her fierce, and eyes often tell that story. This lead to the development of her piercing eyes, and adapting the use of the flowers to allude to her hunting.