Evaluated the current screens and made note of errors and major design changes that were required to improve the overall experience. Focused on slow areas, were repetitive and did not add to the experience.



I looked for inspiration through other successful health tools, which guided the ideation of what the new screens would look like to improve the experience for the targeted users. I developed wireframes to help share the structure of the new screens and allow for iteration in the design. 



With feedback, I developed the high fidelity mockups to create the greatest understanding of what the new experience would and should be like for workers trying to initiate their NIHL claim. These mockups were exported to Zeplin to allow for a seamless transition from myself to the developers.



Through Zeplin the developers were able to see the full specifications of the design and were able to ask questions through the platform, which allowed for efficient development of the UI. The interface is almost and completed in its code.