Global Medic

Empowering those in need with inclusive packaging.


Designing food labels for free products, that allow families in need to feel empowered.


Amirah Mahomed (Graphic Designer)


Global Medic


1 month




the problem

 How to design a charity food label that did not   immediately indicate that the food was free?  No matter what level of income a household has, .everyone wants to feel confident  when bringing food home to their family. However, when families need food from food banks that have clearly state this food is from a charity it does not create confidence.


The solution

Creating a label that does not mention the charity it comes from or that it is from a charity, while also developing a design that feels modern and something that you would find at any grocery store. 


The Process



Before starting to design for Global Medic, I dived deep into current product label trends and what traditionally has worked for years. What I came to take away was that simplicity was essentially and highlighting the product immediately that someone at a far enough distance could recognize. As well as, establishing a brand and maintaining it across the product line was important to allow customers to create a connection to the products they are consuming. 


iteration 1

The initial design was very literal and showcased the product right on the label and was popped in colour to accommodate for the user to see the product and understand what it was. However, with feedback, I came to realize this design had not resonated with the brand that Global Medic was trying to achieve. Therefore I went back and re-evaluated what truly was at the core of the brand. 


iteration 2

After reassessing the brand and goal of the project, I landed on a simpler and more versatile label that still allowed for immediate recognition, but was sleeker and felt modern. With this updated version, it was approved and moved on to being used for Global Medic’s labeling. 


the outcome

 6 branded and clear food labels  that would accommodate  both English and French speakers,  that feel unique empowering families to  feel confident 

when picking up their food.