Bringing students together through print design.


Bringing Global Business and Digital Art (GBDA) students together through sharing their creative content through print.


Amirah Mahomed (Editor in Chief) - 10 GBDA Student Editors


Sept. 2018 - Present


Figma - InDesign


the Challenge

GBDA students are creative and passionate about the content that they develop, however, there is .no   space for them to share their work  within the community. Yes, you can use social media, but it is hard to really connect with students work through that medium. So the question is, how can we .bring together GBDA students in a way that they   can share their work and cultivate community? 


The solution

Creating a GBDA specific magazine that is curated with GBDA student work. This way students can not only have their work shared with their community they get to see their fellow students work as well, while also providing a medium to publish their work. Everyone in the community can take home this magazine and appreciate the work within it and reach out to the students who created the amazing content inside. 


The Process



Given the magazine was a new initiative, it was important to get our mission out into the community and have students be interested and want to engage. This is why we leveraged a strong social media team that put together a unique campaign to get students to submit. In the end, we had over 150 pieces of work submitted.



The editors and I decided that we wanted to create a layout that would highlight the student work, yet still, create an interesting layout that would connect the variety of work. With this goal in mind, we landed on a geometric style that used vibrant colours that tied to students' works. 



Since the magazine is a student-run initiative, we had no monetary ability to fund our magazine to hand out our magazines for free. With this hurdle, we reached out to the Arts Endowment Fund to sponsor our magazine. They were able to support us and helped us print 350 copies of our magazines to give to students without any cost. 


the outcome

Our team created  30 pages of student work  that brought our community together and celebrate the work that is created. We were able to provide students the  chance to showcase their work  and be able to create validity behind their passions. Given the success, the magazine is being funded again to produce a  magazine every semester to continue this initiative.