Who is AIM?

Well, I am AIM. AIM not only suggests aiming my camera in the right direction at the right time, but they are also my initials, Amirah Izzat Mahomed. Little did my parents know that they gave me very convenient names. They are also the reason why I got into photography and gave me the fuel to pursue it beyond a hobby. 

After years of photography, I was introduced to UX/UI Design and Service Design. I fell in love with both and being able to create experiences that not only help people achieve their goals but in an easy fashion that is easy. I truly enjoy using UX/UI or Service Design in industries that aren’t ready for them, as these industries are often the ones that need it the most. 





Conflict Management


Adaptive Learner


User Experience Design

User Interface Design

User Research

Graphic Design


Print Design

Virtuous Waste

Exploring innovative ways to tackle the challenge, "How might we find value in waste?"

WSIB Innovation Lab

Redesigning the start of the Noise Induced Hearing Loss claim process for workers' who require hearing aids compensation from WSIB.

Bringing Global Business and Digital Art (GBDA) students together through sharing their creative content through print.



Graphic design


Creators Collective

Designing food labels for free products, that allow families in need to feel empowered.

Global Medic

Illustrating 12 Mile Island's first ever cover for their single "Lioness."

12 Mile Island